Don't Let Chronic Anxiety or Panic Attacks Diminish Your Life

Everyone feels anxious from time to time. But when anxiety is either chronic or takes the form of panic, it can turn your life into a roller coaster of worry and fear. These anxieties are not just "in your head." They have powerful physical and emotional components. And left untreated, they can actually lead to illness.

When you are anticipating a painful event- either internal or external- anxiety is a natural reaction. It is nature's way of preparing you to cope with danger. But, with chronic anxiety or panic attacks, your worst fears are no longer grounded in external reality. They no longer serve their natural purpose and do not prepare you to face any real danger. These forms of anxiety cause only distress.

I can help you deal with and overcome this irrational anxiety, and diminish upset, fear,and panic, panic attacks. The benefits to you are great. Among other things you can feel:

  • more confident relating to others
  • greater self-esteem
  • less nervous
  • less fearful
  • fewer anxiety attacks
  • happier

Since my interest is in your well-being, I can be honest and objective about what I see. This can help you make choices that will gradually free you from life-ruining anxiety.

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