Men in Transition

Over my more than 25 years of working with men I've realized that men often find that their lives get stuck around transition points. You may find yourself at such a point. Perhaps you find yourself unable to make an internal decision that is called for, such as "shall I get married?" or "should I take this new job?" Or perhaps a change has been imposed from the outside, such as the death of a life-partner or loss of a job. In another version of a transition you may have reached a point in their life at which you are successful in your career, perhaps you have a family, and it appears that life should be good, but it isn't. You might find yourself thinking: "My success seems hollow or I find no satisfaction in my marriage. This is too much to take- I don't know what to do." The way that these transitions are handled often determines the quality of the next phase of life.

I have found myself to be particularly useful at these points. If I work with you at such at time we will develop a structured relationship based on honesty, frankness and privacy that allows us to really discuss the roots of what is bothering you. My objective position will allow me to point things out that friends and family are either too involved to see or just can't bring themselves to say. This will allow you to make the changes that you need to get your life back on track.

Men often believe that the need for help is a sign of "weakness"- something to be avoided. Actually, the opposite is true; recognizing the need for help and getting that help is an indicator of strength. A man who does that is showing himself that he is capable of an honest assessment of the situation that he is in and, in getting help, maximizes his chance of success. Pretending that there is "nothing wrong" is actually the "weakness" and is an indicator of an inability to focus on difficulty.

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