Many people struggle with their sexuality almost constantly and probably everyone struggles seriously with it at some time in their life. Sex can yield great pleasure, yet when people are troubled by it sexuality can be the source of the most intense emotional pain and shame.

The consequence of these struggles is that life in general, and particularly relationship life, can be marked by dullness and or strife. Because sexuality and sexual problems are so frequently veiled in shame people are often unfortunately deprived of the benefit that psychological exploration can so easily provide.

I've found that sexuality provokes many different difficulties. Three that are common are:

  • the great variety of forms that sexuality takes
  • the relationship between sexuality and love
  • sex or porn addiction

Making sense of and becoming comfortable with one's own desires is not a simple task. It can rarely be accomplished without help. While not easy, the benefits you will receive by understanding your own desires is enormous.

In my 25+ years as a psychotherapist I don't think that I've ever seen a situation in which someone who was currently struggling with their sexuality did not benefit from talking about the nature and content of that struggle. Those benefits can take the form of freer expressions of both sexuality and love, a more comfortable sense of identity, and a more joyful and alive sense of being.

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