Women and Relationships to Men

Perhaps you, like many women, have had a long history of unsatisfactory and/or troubled relationships with men. Often such women have had painful relationships with inadequate (or worse) fathers. Sometimes they have a history of being physically, emotionally and/or sexually abused. In this day and age it is all too easy to chalk those troubles up to "men are all jerks" or some similar slogan that seemingly explains the problem but actually does nothing to improve your life. This strategy backfires in that it functionally says "I want more from my relationships with men and to get that for myself they (the men) have to change since they are the ones at fault". When put this way it is easy to see that this is not a strategy that can work. The only one that you can change is yourself, and therefore the only place that you have any leverage is with yourself.

Women (lesbians and straight women) who want more from their relationships with men need a place to work out many of the issues that they bring to those relationships. Psychotherapy is an excellent venue for this. Some women find that the opportunity to deal openly with a man to be more direct and ultimately more effective. I offer such women a safe, supportive and honest therapeutic arena for this exploration. Please contact me if you'd like my help with these often vexing problems.

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